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Filing A Claim with the VA

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Filing A Claim with the VA
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The one thing Veterans must realize is never give up on a claim,as I have come to know it has taken over thirty years for me to get sevice connected and I will tell you it was worth the wait,even through all of the disappotments and stress it has caused me,it finaly came through.So hang in there.

We as Veterans must work as one to stop a political governed Veterans Administration from treating Veterans as the do. How can we who have served this country let this happen, We must stand as one to solve the problems that are created by this sysytem. Why must we as Veterans face this corrupt system that is only concerned about them selfs. If we must fight and do come home we face a foe greater than the enemy we faced in combat. We must unit as one and make the VA acountable for its actions .

The other thing to note here is that anyone claiming that He or She can get you service connected is a falasy,Even working with a Lawyer is no gurrantee that it will happen, It takes a lot of hard work on the Veterans side to make it happen, All we can due is try and give you some guide line to follow so that you are not lost when you due file a claim.

The claims procces is a lonly one and can be very emotional for a Veteran as he or she will be recalling many things that they whent through while in the military, as with anything else we must help all Veterans when they due file a claim ,We cannot let them due this alone,whether they are filing for Combat Wounds or PTSD we must work with them . Many organisations are out there and if one is not doing what needs to be done then the Veteran must find those that will work with them and not ignore the Veteran as I have come to find out through the years. One other thing work with your local Vet Center as they can be of imense help emotinaly during this prosses as it does take its toll on the Veterans.