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Military Poetry 2

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Military Poetry 2
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The Medal Of Honor

A Medal of the highest Valor.

Held to the heart for deeds done.

For above and beyond the call of duty.

The belief of country and honor given.

For blood shed upon a distance shore .

A life sought for a life given.

A sacrifice of a soldier.

Given by a nation to honor

The deed done.

Many die but few receive .

Given for all to see.

A respect we pay for an unselfish act.

The Medal of Honor.

By Kenneth E Medsker


The following poem is my first that I wrote

The Vietnam Vet.

I am a Vietnam Vet .

I have seen the war and what it can bring.

through rocket and motor attacks I have seen it all.

I am a Vietnam Vet.

I have seen the child maimed by war and the woman crying for her lose and in tears I see the friends to know no more.

I am a Vietnam Vet.

I see in the night the sadness that war creates , the sorrow and the happiness, the lose of innocence that we Vets know, and in sorrow we live the night and through it all we where there.

I am a Vietnam Vet.

I was in the delta to the Dmz I saw it all through the years I came to know what war can bring and to know why my family never talked about what they had seen.

I am a Vietnam Vet

The country I love so much has turned her back on me and I know not why , I served her with pride and yet it knows not who I am.

I am a Vietnam Vet.

All I ask is respect me as I served my country with pride, I ask for nothing but to honor me for what I have done.

I am a Vietnam vet


By Kenneth E Medsker

Copy Write 2000