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The Unknown Soldier

A soldier found lying in foreign places.

No name on him killed serving his country.

Unknown even in history of a man who gave his all.

Lies instate at Arlington ,

Guarded by soldiers paying their respect to a fallen comrade unknown but not forgotten

He lays with others so that we will remember, those who gave their lives for a country that they loved,

And we pray that they didn’t die in vain

Not to be forgotten but to be remembered in history and in the hearts of a nation for their sacrifice.

The Unknown Soldier

Kenneth E Medsker



The Soldiers

Who are the Soldiers?

Are they the soldiers of the past?

Of Gangeushan and of Napoleon or the ones who stood forth

When the call of battled sounded.

Are they the soldiers who stood at Bunker Hill when freedom called forth?

Are they the young and old who stood forth at the Battle of 1812?

Are they the young and the old who came forth when their country called?

From ww1 to modern day who are the Soldiers who heard the call?

Are they the tomb of the Unknown Soldier who gave his life?

Or of battlefield in distance places?

Are they a whisper of friends lost and those who gave their

blood for their Nation in a time of need ?

Who are theses Soldiers that have came forth for their country?

They are your neighbors and friends who came forth to the call

Of a nation in it's time of need .

For this we remember these Soldiers,

Those so proud men and women who serve their country

These are the Soldiers, for this we honor them.

In song and tribute.

The Soldiers.

By Kenneth E Medsker