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We where young boys sent off to face a fear we knew not what, we learned what fear was and through the years we have seen others face what we did and I hope in time we see this no more, and man will learn to live together in peace.



All Poetry on this site are of my thoughts and feelings enjoy them .

This site is deticated to all Veterans of all countrys,The past ,present and future and in hope that they find peace with in.


We as humans must find a way to solve the problems we face to day and not put our young men and women in harms way, If the goverments of the world would work as one we could solve many of the problems faceing us to day. Why must we sacrifice the young to fullfill a goverments greed for power?

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Eagle's Vietnam Vets Site-Bravo 2/27 Wolfhounds


All views and opinons on this site are of the site owners views and do not reflect what other Veterans may think .